Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Layla's 2nd Birthday Party

On New Year's Day, January 1st we celebrated Layla's 2nd birthday!  We had our family and a few friends over for dinner and cake and watched the birthday girl open her presents.  She loved every minute of her day especially when we all sang Happy Birthday to her.  She was princess Layla for the day wearing a big crown that Grammy brought for her. 
She loved this Elsa/Anna balloon that I actually had leftover from Chloe's birthday party.  We got her the little cradle on the floor along with a couple princess dress-up dresses.

Hooray for the birthday girl!


Showing us her moves.

Check out the side view of the after nap hair - haha!

I love this picture of her with Grandma!

Helping to put her baby in the carrier.

Ariel dress!

Poppy, Nana, Jessi and Grammy got her this Elsa doll and dress - she loved both!

Merida dress!

More presents from Nicole, McCall and McGuire...2 new BABIES!! 
 You can never have enough babies right??

Big girls, Chloe and McCall showing Layla how to use her new stroller from Grandma.

And she is off!

What's in the box? BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!!! So excited!

SO happy to be 2!

Make a wish baby girl!

After cake she was busy working on a sticker book with Grammy for quite some time.


The 3 amigos!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

More instagrams in Nov and Dec

This is out of order because I just realized that I forgot to post these!  So here goes - more instagrams in November and December!
Family picture time! #cheese #justneedone;)
 Dinner, drinks and dancing = 1 fun and fabulous night with these ladies! 
Happy Birthday Nic!
 It's the BEST time of the year!!!  All countdowns are started and Ginger, our Elf on the shelf is back!

My beautiful ballerina!

Our "tutu" toothless dancers.

Pinterest comes thru again!  I think my big girl is going to love her new diy lego table!

Christmas Eve crafting with all the girls.  Layla decorating Santa's cooking plate!

Santa's favorite what??!!  Haha guess we need to work on the spelling of COOKIES!

Layla Wade is 2!!  Happy Birthday to our sweet and sassy!


Friday, January 9, 2015

Layla is 2!

On December 31st our Buggy Boo turned 2!!!
Our girl has quite the little personality these days and NEVER, and I really do mean NEVER stops talking!  Quite often she is going on and on and we can't even understand her.  A lot of times Chloe can translate though!! HA!  She loves to count to 10 and sings "twinkle, twinkle" with me while we rock each night.  A free spirit who talks in 3rd person "Layla do it" all day long.  Independent and fiesty but sweet and cuddly too.  Her favorite things to do are play dress up and be a mommy to her 10+ baby dolls.  She is such a good little mommy.  We went through a phase for about a month of wanting to wear her pajamas EVERYWHERE but I think she is over that now - thank goodness! She has to take her blankie (sounds like maggie or mankie) with her always.  I tend to have to wash it multiple times a week.  One day Jessi was watching her and trying to put her down for a nap and she kept crying out what Jessi thought was "maggie" (our dog's name) and she didn't understand!  Finally the blankie was located and all was good.  Layla is our great little sleeper.  She goes down around 7:30 pm and we don't hear a peep out of her until the next morning when she wakes anytime between 6:30 am and 7 am.  She takes 1 nap a day around 12:30 pm for approximately 2 hours.  She has escaped her crib a couple times at nap but both times we just put her back and said no and she went to sleep.  I'm not ready to give up the crib quite yet but I'm guessing it will be sooner than I had hoped!  Let's talk potty training!  She is definitely ready I believe.  She still is unsure about the whole pantie thing but we have been talking about it a lot lately and she will sit on her potty and pretend to go.  Layla is a great eater and is not picky at all.  Her favorite lunch is still mac and cheese but she is good about eating pretty much anything.  Chloe is the best big sister to Layla and she just looks up to her sissy so much!  Yes there are times that they pester each other but the love between them is unimaginable!  It makes my heart so happy!  I hope they will always have a bond as they grow up.
Layla you are so special to your whole family!  Happy 2nd Birthday baby girl!

December Photo a Day

Last month for photo a day in 2014!!!  I can hardly believe I have done this and stuck to it for another year!  I do have to thank my BFF for doing it along with me!  We keep each other going and I probably would have quit if it was not for her!  So THANK YOU Natalie!  I love looking back on these and capturing moments from each day.  Yes sometimes I forget and cheat but still!
December 2014

1. fruit (blueberries - a favorite with my girls.)
2. grass (Hey it's green like grass anyways!  A white trash tree we call this.)
3. pop! (goes the weasel!)
4. free (spirited Layla)
5. Me (and my big girl)
6. Joy is...(listening to Layla laugh at our funny Elf on the shelf and her daily happenings.)
7. weekends are for (shop parties)
8. simple pleasure (watching Chloe perform at her recital today)
9. decoration (tree is finally done!)
10. closed door (opened to find this!  Time to potty train!)
11. something red (L's shirt)
12. skyline (so pretty this morning)
13. much loved (Dora hot wheels that we have had since Chloe was little)
14. drink (L learned how to drink chicken noodle broth from her bowl today)
15. super! (is how Chloe did at her school winter concert tonight!)

16. beautiful (buggy by the Christmas tree)
17. sunshine (and blue skies for days)
18. sign (that Ginger has been busy making a swing today)
19. something to be happy about (a new hat!)
20. food (pretend dinner party)
21. this is interesting (really into painting salt dough ornaments)
22. tis the season to...(work on homemade gifts)
23. tree (again)
24. color (not lacking on Layla's cookie plate!)
25. celebration (a time for making cookies and crafts - on xmas eve)
26. animal (new cheetah boots)
27. I like (the Seahawks and these 2 girls wearing their new sweatshirts!)
28. book (reading together - xoxo)
29. I need less of this...(sickness in January!)
30. us (love her SO much!)
31. my best bit in 2014 (all my time shared and memories made with my most precious girls)

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Ice Skating

On the Sunday following Christmas Chloe, Jessi and I headed up to the Riverfront Park Ice Palace for an afternoon of ice skating.  We had SO much fun!!  Nicole and McCall even came and joined us as well.  Chloe fell A LOT!  But she was a trooper and kept getting right back up and going again and again.  She had really improved by the time we left.  Next time I think I will bring snow pants because her jeans were soaked by the time we were done.  We are already looking forward to going again!
skates on and ready to go!