Thursday, October 16, 2014

September Photo A Day

 1.  In my cup (cold water for drinking in the bathtub)
2. Stripes (on her hoodie!)
3. Button (I spy a belly button!)
4. DIY (Pinot's Palette by yours truly!)
5. Upside Down (swinging)
6. I need...(to come to the track with my crew and get exercise more often!)
7. Father (such a good one taking friends for rides around the yard)
8. Broken (my diet was broken by these super yummy almond bars!!  And the "don't touch Clay" is because he ate my last one on my birthday!!)
9. Orange (sunrays on the all and throwback to when Buggy was at the Children's Hospital)
10. Repetition (round and round they go on the carrousel)
11. How I feel today (silly!!)
12. Fall (hunting season - nice buck daddy!)
13. Out of Place (McCall moved and missed the photo)
14. Healthy (little corn on the cob and carrot;))
15. Remember (Pinot's Palette Sunday FUNday to celebrate my birthday!

16. I don't like (this picture of Cubbie but think it's hilarious of Buggy!)
17. Key (the key to a happy girls is a good nap)
18. Person (Blake Shelton!!! Ten Time Crazier Tour concert with my SIL=AWESOME!!)
19. Even (each with their own lounger and blanket)
20. Beginning (this Saturday morning with a little shooting!  Chloe loved hitting the pop can)
21. Fave word (Layla's fave word is "baby" which is fitting because today we got to meet baby Renzley)
22. Crisp (it's a crisp morning out - Buggy saying BRRR)
23. Triangle (kitty ears!!! Her new fave headband)
24. Loud (these two sister in the bathtub!)
25. Angle (straight up/down from the treestand)
26. Best (player is my little dolphin of course;) Go Dolphins!)
27. Celebration (It was the quickest hunt ever! Buck down by 5:15! So excited!!)
28. Game (let's see if momma can get any housework done with us hanging on her;))
29. Wish (play dough wasn't so messy cause my girls love it!)
30. Where I am from (the country and I like it that way! Especially when we get to see wildlife right out our backyard!)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

How TALL this Fall?!

How Tall this Fall?? 
 We have taken Chloe to Greenbluff every year since she was born.  I don't have pictures from our first 2 visits when she was just a couple months old and 1 year old but I have all the other years next to the "how tall this fall" pumpkin.  Look how in the first picture Chloe was right AT the 3 foot marker at 27 months and Layla is right UNDER the 3 foot marker at 22 months. I think Layla is going to surpass her sister in height! I love looking at these annual pictures every year and seeing how my girls grow and change!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Flag Football (Game #3 and #4)

Games #3 and #4 were today in Davenport.  The kids played a great first game and then seemed a little tired by the second game.  Overall they did great though and have improved so much since that first game!!  GO DOLPHINS!

Warming up before the game with some windmills


Huddled up

love this picture of both teams in a huddle

Get that flag Chloe Kay!

Clay bringing Layla back to our playing field - haha!!

And the hand off!

Good Game!

Game #4

Chloe's cheerleaders - McCall and Sawyer

Flag Football (Game #2)

Flag Football Game #2 was in Wilbur last Saturday.  

Buggy loves being outside despite the chilly morning air!

My favorite spectator!

Daddy snuggles are the best!

Off the ground and running!

And she has the ball...RUUUUNNNN!!!

Game #3 and #4 this weekend in DAVENPORT!  GO DOLPHINS!

Friday, October 10, 2014


Last Friday I took the day off since Chloe didn't have school.  We took a family day and headed up to Greenbluff.  Usually we go to Harvest House and Knapp's but this year we decided to check out a different farm - Siemer's.  It was a very fun farm - expensive though!  Every little thing cost money.  Next year I will just pay for the tour for every one then you can do everything without paying for each little thing.  Like I said despite the cost it was lots of fun.  After Siemer's we headed to Harvest House to take some annual pictures and then we ate lunch out on their patio.  It was DELICIOUS! 

Layla excited that she was finally out of the truck!


C riding one of the cool bikes they had

Little Toot ride!

Then we all went on the train ride.  Layla was so excited "TAIN TAIN TAIN!"
I love this picture of my babies!

Pumpkin patch!

The castle!!!

Chloe and I did the maze to get to the castle.

Inside the castle!


Pirate ship!


Getting SO TALL!

Picking pumpkins.  We actually didn't take any pumpkins home because we are going to go to our local pumpkin patch again this year and get them.

Hanging out in Pumpkin Land;)

Another fun day at our annual Greenbluff day!