Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Montana or Bust - Day 2 & 3

I actually didn't take any pictures from Day 2...why you ask?!  Because we were literally driving all day long!  We planned on only driving about 3 hours to Flathead Lake and that we did, BUT when we arrived we had no idea just how big that lake was.  AND we had no idea how hard it would be to find a campsite on Flathead Lake on a Saturday.  So we drove and drove till we almost drove around the whole darn lake.  Finally around 5pm we gave up and went into a cute little town called Bigfork.  We parked our trailers and walked into town where we found beer and pizza:)  And after that ice cream!  The boys - Dave, Cam and Clay decided to unhitch Barta's trailer and go farther to try and find a spot.  Us girls - Deana, Callie, Chloe, Chloe, Layla and I walked down to the docks and let the kids swim.  The boys weren't gone too long and said they found us a spot.  It wasn't exactly the type of spot we were thinking but actually it turned out to be just perfect for that night and FREE!  The spot was a big pull out along side the highway!!!  We did have a scenic view on the lake at least;) 
The girls woke up the next morning and worked on making friendship bracelets.

Bugs is such a morning girl SO happy!

Here we are alongside the highway

Our view of the lake

A bonus to this spot was the next morning when we were waiting while the boys went looking for a campground a guy pulled in to let his puppies out for a potty break.  He was on his way to sell the puppies - they were super cute and loved the extra cuddles.

Shortly after we said goodbye to the puppies the guys came back and said they had found us an awesome spot and it was only about 5 minutes away!!  Too bad they hadn't gone a little farther the night before but oh well then we wouldn't have had our road side experience;)  The campground we settled in at was the Swan Lake Campground.  It was SUPER nice!!  Paved roads for the kids to ride bikes.  A fun creek going thru it and then the lake across the road.  We fell in love with this campground!  When we arrived we got everything mostly set up, took showers and then Deana, Callie and I drove about an hour into Kalispell to get some more supplies and groceries.
When we got back it was time to go to the lake! 

Swan Lake was gorgeous and peaceful!

Sillies wearing diapers

kayaking with my girls

Deana and her girls


A picture back towards the beach

I can maneuver these paddles mom!

Riding in the back of the pickup

Our campsite!

And the creek about 50 yards from our campsite
The FREEZING cold water didn't seem to bother buggy much.  She has feet as tough as nails constantly taking her shoes off and running around barefoot everywhere!

Chloe lost her flip flop as it floated downstream but the girls found it!

After dinner we went back over to the lake for an evening swim and kayak ride.  Cam had us rolling when he went to get into the kayak and spilled into the lake instead. HAHA

Callie trying to lure the little girls into jumping off the dock

And there goes Chloe H!

and AGAIN!

Clay and Layla racing Cam with his broken half-paddle back to shore.  Cam won:)

Daddy and Buggy

Swan Lake Campground

Thank you Chloe B. for the fun birthday gift!!

Too much fun for this girl - night night!

Montana or Bust - Day 1

On Friday July 11th, Chloe's 6th birthday, we packed up and headed to Montana for a week!  The Barta family invited us to go with them and it sounded like so much fun that we gave it some thought and decided to tag along!  I'm SO glad we did because we had the BEST week with them!
On Friday we were busy packing and getting ready so we didn't leave until around 2pm.  Our trailer was in Spokane supposed to be getting the air conditioning working so lucky me was "attempting" to pack totes and ice chests.  It's really hard to pack your trailer when you don't have your trailer!!  I managed;)  When we arrived in Spokane to pick up the trailer the air conditioning was not fixed, turns out they don't make that "kind" anymore so would have cost us way too much to get a whole new one.  Honestly we have never had to use air conditioning before when we have gone camping so it was going to be a luxury but we just decided it wouldn't be a big deal without it.  We met up with the Barta family at Walmart in Idaho by the Stateline and headed off to our first destination.  I will say now that we really never had destinations we were just going and finding places as we went.  We knew our first stop would be somewhere on the other side of Lake Pend Oreille.  We found spots in the Sam Owen Campground and that is where we stayed for the night.
Our 1st spot

The BIRTHDAY girl!  Look at all those teeth - watch carefully as our trip unfolds!

I have seen these screens rolled up at the back of our trailer but NEVER thought to use them before.  Since it was hot we tried them out for the first time and they were such a blessing to have!!  The open air flowing through the trailer was great!  This was an even better option that having air conditioning because we wouldn't have even been able to use it much since we never camped at spots with hookups!  We did have a generator but only used it for making coffee in the mornings:)  I can't live without my morning coffee!

from the inside looking out!

At Walmart I picked up "Frozen" cupcakes so we could sing to the birthday girl that night!

Nom Nom Buggy!

Chloe and Chloe:)

Evening bike rides are the best...

especially when they lead to this!!! Isn't Lake Pend Oreille beautiful?!!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Independence Day

 The 4th of July fell on a Friday this year which was great!  We went out to Nana's and Poppy's for their annual 4th of July party and it was a wonderful time!  This year the Odenrider's joined us which was great because then Chloe and Layla had friends to play with.  After eating too much, playing games and just hanging out we came back into town to watch fireworks.  Layla LOVED the fireworks and Chloe was more afraid this year and wasn't liking the loud noises.  Another fun 4th in the books!
My new favorite picture of my girls!!

Chloe's star hairdo

Buggy and Nana

Chloe, Joel, Sami and Hunter in the playhouse

sprinkler under the trampoline=FUN!


Nana and Poppy with their 2 best girls