Thursday, March 26, 2015

Hiking it!

The 1st Sunday in March we went hiking!  Deana, Tami, all the kids and I drove to Northrup Canyon to do the trail there.  It started out a bit chilly but once we got moving it was absolutely perfect.  The day was sunny and beautiful and the hike was so fun.  We hiked all the way in to Northrup Lake which was absolutely gorgeous and we saw two bald eagles there!  The whole hike was 7 miles round trip.  The kids did so well and didn't complain at all!  I'm already looking forward to doing this hike again!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Pedicure date

The first Friday in March we had McCall at our house for a sleepover.  The next day was McGuire's first wrestling match.  The girls and I went and watched his first match and then decided it wasn't for us girls.  We decided to grab Addie as well and the 4 of us headed to Airway Heights for pedicures and ice cream!  The girls got to have pedicures all at the same time which made it really fun for them.  Afterwards we got ice cream sundaes at McDonalds before we headed home.  What a fun girls day!  Chloe thought it was the best day ever and can't wait to do it again.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

More Instagrams in February

No clothes required for coloring.

#flexbreak Working on being the best me in 2015. #ireallylovefood #andbeer #andwine

My lunch date.

We found snow in McCall and are having a blast! #tubing #mccallidaho

In love with this cute town!! #mccallidaho

We had the best time and made some awesome memories with this crew in McCall, ID this weekend!

Sweet Jaydee Lane!  How could I possibly forget when my babies were that little?!  Thanks for the visit Libs - you have two beautiful little girls!

New hair for our Chloe girl!

These are my most favorite days!  Wednesdays at home with my super silly girl playing outside and enjoying the sunshine in her pajamas, bog boots and a life jacket! Prepared for anything;)


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Photo A Day in February

February came and went in a blink of an eye!  2015 must slow down!

 1. on my plate (Superbowl snacks!  Go Hawks!)
2. mail (It is our tradition to count down to Valentine's day with love notes and little gifts and candy)
3. water (bathtub time!)
4. reward (Chloe was rewarded for always "sharing and caring" in her class and got an award from her teacher.  We are SO proud!)
5. something blue (my girl sporting her Seahawks sweatshirt the prior Friday for "blue Friday" at school.)
6. make me smile (this picture of my bun wearing water babies.)
7. stripes (perfect Valentines stripes!  Thank you auntie Natalie for the cute handme down outfit and for the vday necklaces too!  We love them!)
8. in my bag (my gym clothes - time to move it move it!)
9. energy (she must have burned it all off because she was in bed cuddling her baby by 7:15 pm tonight.)
10. this inspires me (to keep working hard in the gym.)
11. on the wall (of the arena...a big screen of Miranda Lambert singing in concert!)
12. pointy (can you point us out in the crowd?! We had seats on the floor at the Miranda concert!)
13. temptation (is too great to stand still and take a picture when instead you can make sissy laugh.)
14. love (these two and the town of McCall!)
15. spot (I "spot" a girl sitting on a potty in the back of our's Buggy!  Thank goodness for the potty chair on a long road trip!  I am so proud she didn't have 1 accident while we traveled this weekend.)
16. from where I stand (iced over Lake Payette.  Goodbye McCall, it's been fun!)
17. routine (first Layla and I read books, say goodnight and give hugs and kisses.  Then daddy goes in.  Chloe and I like to watch these two say their goodnights to each other on the monitor.)
18. bedside (this girl hasn't left my bedside since she got home.  She is taking care of me while I have my leg propped up after the vein surgery I had today.)
19. fresh (coat of paint to transform Layla's room.)
20. This is so me! (My new sign and how I feel when I get to the gym daily.  I can't wait to feel that way again after I recover from the vein surgery.) 
21. matching (this is the picture I received last Wednesday of Chloe and her friend Faith.  They had the same bushy eyebrows and mustaches/beards drawn on their faces for President's night at Awanas.  Too funny!)
22. macro (Layla ladybug)
23. fix (yesterday we got our baby "fix" when we met miss Jaydee Lane for the first time!)
24. 12 o'clock (Layla playing outside and enjoying this gorgeous weather we are having.)
25. reflection (Chloe has a new reflection in the mirror with her new haircut!)
26. grow (my babies continue to "grow" daily even though I told them to stop!;))
27. still life (about the only time these two girls are "still" is when they are reading books.)
28. thank you (to our friends for the fun night out celebrating Clay's birthday!)

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Big Girl Room

We transformed Layla's room - from gender neutral nursery to girlie big girl room!  She loves her new room and big girl bed!  I was apprehensive about buying a toddler bed when she could have just kept sleeping in the crib with the rail off but then I found this bed!  I saw it originally on the Land of the Nod website and thought it was so cute!  Not cute enough to spend $399 on though!! I was on Instagram one day and saw another mom posted that Walmart sells the exact same Jenny Lind beds for $99! I felt that price was worth what we would get out of it plus if we would have gone to a twin bed then we would have had to buy a new mattress.  I let Layla pick the color she wanted as they had bright pink, yellow or turquoise.  I love that she picked turquoise - it just totally fits her and her big personality.  Plus it looks super adorable next to the newly coral painted wall!