Monday, April 14, 2014

building a loft

On Saturday Clay had some help from his dad, brother and a friend to build a loft in our shop.  He was tired of everything taking up all of his precious space so wanted a place to put things:)  They completed the whole project and he is already storing things away up there as we speak!  Layla had fun supervising in her chair;)  Good work boys!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Tooth Fairy Round #2!

Thursday night Chloe lost her 2nd tooth! YAY! Another bottom one! She thinks it's so funny to stick her tongue out between the 2 tooth gap.  This one bled more but she was a trooper and there were no tears shed (we know how she loves the sight of blood - NOT!). 

Her tooth fairy pillow ready to exchange the tooth for some $$

 This picture taken later in the week really shows the teeth missing good!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

growing and swinging

What a difference 8 months make!!  Bugs is filling up that park swing a whole lot more these days;)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

more March in instagrams

That hair. Those teeth. Her HUGE personality. Our Buggy. Can't get enough!
 Who doesn't love a good dog kiss??!!

My sweet AND sassy St. Patty's Day girl!!
 I seriously cannot wait to have these two happy girls in my arms!!  These pictures sent to me just makes me miss them even more!! Fingers crossed I get on standby before my 11pm flight home! 

Monday, April 7, 2014

march photo a day

Here are our daily happenings in March!

1. Yellow (the platform at swim lessons for the kids to stand on since they can't touch)
2. Something borrowed (this cute pink puffy coat - we love handme downs from our friends!)
3. My name is (Lindsey - also known as mommy, my favorite name to be called!)
4. On my mind (upcoming girls wine weekend trip!)
5. Something beginning with I (uniform Inspection night at Awanas tonight)
6. Chair (both girls love climbing and playing on this chair)
7. Fly (this girl can fly on her new razor scooter)
8. In the corner (sharing a rocker and drinking wine with my bestest friend.  I sure love this girl!)
9. 10am (on the road driving back from Walla Walla so instead a pic from noon - cuddling and napping with my sweet baby girl)
10. Far away (found this little note on my car when I arrived in Walla Walla. As she would say I went "far away" this past weekend. "I love mom and dad - Chloe")
11. Something good (finally a gorgeous spring day, nice enough for some sidewalk chalk)
12. Partial (view of our baby girl sleeping)
13. Fresh (air does this girl good! She may have thrown a fit when it was time to come in for dinner)
14. Care (I never imagined how much my girls would care for each other!!  The love between them makes my heart SO happy!)
15. Evening (silly buggy antics at dinner)

16. Beautifully ordinary (I love all the different and creative chef hats created by these girls)
17. Today's weather (sunny and breezy)
18. Five years ago (in March, Chloe was just 8 months old!)
19. Cropped (daddy took the girls to the gravel pit and Chloe climbed all the way to the top of this gravel mountain as she called it)
20. Letter (Chlo is getting so good at writing these days)
21. Full (my hands are FULL with this girl!  I turned my head for 1 minute and she had climbed to the top of the playset all by herself!)
22. Morning (our last day of Saturday swim lessons for Chlo - she passed this level and is on to the next!  Proud of you Chloe!!)
23. I'm loving...(this gorgeous Sunday weather and spending time outside watching my favorite girls drive around in the gator together)
24. One of a kind (this face)
25. Soft (her favorite baby that she sleeps with every night)
26. I am here (at the Capitol building in Olympia for a WSDOT Adopt-a-Highway coordinators meeting)
27. Something I made (a blanket fort!)
28. Nostalgia (heart shaped sunglasses always remind me of Easter time as a little girl)
29. Sticky (mashed potatoes = sticky yumminess!!)
30. Fast (asleep after a busy morning at Mobius)
31. Faux (hahahaha SO silly)