Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Annual Christmas Crafting Day

Last year we made Christmas crafts on Christmas Eve but this year since I had to work on Christmas Eve we did it on the day before. It was a Wednesday and I always get off at 11am on Wednesdays so we headed over at lunch time. First we ate Carolyn's yummy rice soup and then we got busy crafting. Since my mom wasn't with us this year and Grammy, Nana and Jessi couldn't come we invited Deana and Chloe to join us. We had such a great afternoon and made multiple crafts.
First up tiled ornaments.
  Then a hot cocoa/coffee break!
Then Carolyn helped the girls stir together cinnamon ornaments and bird feeder ornaments.
Train break with Art!

 Back to the bird feeders!

And lastly the big girls made Seahawks pillows!
So much fun!! Thank you Carolyn and Danita for a wonderful crafting day! 

Monday, February 8, 2016

Pinot's Palette

On Sunday December 20th Pinot's Palette offered an open class for minors. It was so fun to be able to take the girls to paint. They absolutely loved it! You can either pick a painting to follow out of a book or just do your own thing. All of our girls wanted to do their own paintings because they didn't really have anything winterish in the book. I love how each of their paintings turned out!! Afterwards we all enjoyed lunch together at the Rusty Moose before heading home.




Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we had our family and some friends over for appetizers, a bonfire and sledding. Since I had to work until 4:30 pm no one really came over until after that so the sledding was in the dark! The girls didn't seem to mind that it was dark and cold and neither did the guys. Then I got a text from our friend Garrett asking if Santa needed to make a visit. I texted back YES! He met the dads outside to add a few gifts to his sack before he rang the doorbell. As the doorbell rang Chloe Barta said "what if it's santa?" Totally joking but guess what - it WAS! Chloe was in SHOCK! Layla stood back and said "Hi Santa!" Santa proceeded to give gifts and talk to everybody. I loved watching the girls reactions to him. And then like that it was time for him to leave. Chloe kept trying to watch out the door to see him leave with his reindeer but she unfortunately saw him drive away. She said "that sure looked like a Husky boy!" Real Santa or not it was still super fun and made it a memorable Christmas Eve!
Playing PIE FACE! An early Christmas present that Chloe and Chloe had sooo much fun playing.



The girls ready for bed in their Christmas jammies.

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Preschool Christmas Program

Layla had her preschool Christmas program on Friday December 11th. It was so cute. They dressed up and sang songs to us. Afterwards Mrs. Joan, Layla's teacher provided us all lunch which was so nice of her to do. Good job preschoolers!

The whole class - Layla got behind another little girl and just stayed back there the whole time so we couldn't really see her.

Layla and her teacher Mrs. Joan

Winter Dance Recital

Both girls performed in the winter dance recital this year at the beginning of December. Layla has LOVED going to dance each week and I think will truly miss it over the break. Chloe enjoys it as well and they both adore their teachers. The recital was adorable and perfect. The girls both made us so proud!
During rehearsal Chloe lost one of her flowers so Miss Angie was helping to pin it back on. 

Chloe's ballet performance "Dance of the swan."


 Backstage and pre-recital pictures


With sissy and Chloe B


 Layla with her preschool buddy, Tori
Layla's group getting pictures taken - I love her sass in this one!
Layla's tap performance "I'll be a little angel"


I love this part - Santa is watching you

And the end they stuck their tongues out at the audience and made a silly face. The song is talking about being an angel and at the end says "I'll be a little devil once again" This picture was taken during the rehearsal.
This one was taken during the recital!
And the sly grin after...
Layla's Ballet performance "Way up high in the Christmas Tree"

  Chloe's Hip Hop Performance "The Gingerbread Man"

All the dancers taking a bow.

The dance teachers had a gal taking photos throughout the day and she happened to capture this backstage. OH MY STARS I thought when I saw it!! This truly captures how much my girls love and care for each other. I now have it blown up and hanging in their bedroom that they share.
 I LOVE this picture SOOOOO much and my two precious girls!!