Thursday, October 8, 2015

Photo a Day in June

June was full of ups and downs, highs and lows but we made it thru and still managed to make some memories.
JUNE 2015
 1. Many (SOOO many good memories made in California this last week with these girls.)
2. Looking up (my wardrobe, and the girl's too is looking up after this LuLaRoe party I hosted tonight.)
3. Silly (Layla girl swinging at Barta's.)
4. Starts with B (Layla and her BABY in the BATH.)
5. Looking down (on a kitty kissing girl.)
6. Who I am (MOM to these amazing and silly girls.)
7. Forgotten (The secrets between sisters and their bond will never be forgotten.)
8. Sadness (How Buggy looked last Thursday night with a fever. Friday appointment confirmed double ear infections. She is now on the mend!)
9. Disgust (Chloe's look of disgust - HA!)
10. Anger (no such thing when it's the last day of school and these girls are off to the pool!)
11. Fear (none for this girl in the water - eeks!)
12. Joy (Relay for LIfe day - let's celebrate Grandma!)
13. On my mind (I can't help it but as I am away tonight it's these 2 that are on my mind!)
14. Makes me feel good (The outdoors, hiking in the sunshine with friends and this view!)
15. Sun (was not as hot as I thought it would be in CA!)
16. Anything (Dad's house before and after. New paint and new windows!)

17. Lunchtime (too tired to eat.)
18. Local (We sure wish this sweet friend of Chloe's was more local so we could see her more often!)
19. 9 o'clock (Friday selfies)
20. What I'm doing now (Disneyland reminiscing!)
21. Wet (at Seal Beach)
22. Money (I bet money this is where my girls will spend a whole lot of time this summer, in Nana's and Poppy's new swimming pool!)
23. View (from a camping trip Chloe got to go solo on last weekend.)
24. In the garden (flower garden since I don't have a real garden.)
25. Depth of field (behind our house)
26. Gift (like no other is a Grandma's love for her granddaughters.)
27. Mini (Clay! Has to be into everything and can't sit still for a single second.)
28. Orange (on my Chloe's swimsuit. Thanks Barta's for taking my girls to the river!)
29. Animal (here kitty, kitty, kitty.)
30. Design (a little decorating in the garage for a sleepover with the kitties at Barta's.)

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Relay for Life 2K15

I am cherishing these pictures and this event because it was my mom's last hoorah! She gave all her strength and energy into the Relay and it was so awesome and amazing watching her walk that survivor lap! So many people came out to support her and do this walk with her, so many people just plain love her. My mom, she is a hero and I think our Wonder Woman theme fit just perfectly.
Uncle Eldred, my mom's half brother from South Dakota was there!

Grandma and her girls.

So much love right here!

Uncle Eldred and his wife Aunt Jackie with mom and Aunt Patty photo bombing in the back.

Uncle Jerry, Uncle Eldred and the McCullough sisters - Aunt Carol, Aunt Patty, mom and Aunt Ilene

The crew before the walk

The two Chloe girls!

My friend Kaylynn, who I graduated with. She is a survivor and warrior too!

Layla has already ditched her shoes. We can't keep them on her!

Watch out, Layla is pushing Grandma!

Mom waking the survivor lap! She did about 1/2 of 1 lap! So proud of her.

I love this picture because she is grooving to the music as we go and seems so happy!

Check out her posse!

Cheers to my mama!

Donna's Walking Warriors!

Thanks to everyone for coming out and supporting my mom! 

Chloe's turn to push Grandma.
 These two have always shared a special bond.

Grandma has a whole crew of little girls supporting her.

Scavenger hunt time! 

Girls against boys - trading secrets.

Getting a clue from Angela

Layla how did you get SO DIRTY??? "I dunno?!"



When it got dark we got out the glow sticks and glow glasses.

Layla Wade!! HAHA

Layla and daddy


Chloe's luminary for Grandma.

It was great Relay for Life and we couldn't have done it without all the love and support of our family, friends and community!

Monday, October 5, 2015

More Shogun!

Look what I found!!!!!
The first Shogun picture dated 5/7/94.
The smiles are priceless and so is that Mickey Mouse sweater that my mom is sporting!

And this year - 5/16/15.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Last day of 1st grade

Last day of 1st grade! Chloe had such a good year and I think a large part of that is from having such a great teacher! We loved Mrs. Fisk!
Here is a comparison of the 1st day of school vs. the last day of school. Not a ton has changed besides her hair is shorter and she has more teeth!
More last day! We are so proud of you Chloe Kay! On to 2nd grade!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

More Instagrams in May

More Instagrams in May...
Soccer Saturday! These girls rocked the wonder woman headbands for grandma Donna today!
#relayforlife2k15 #donnaswalkingwarriors

Curtains are up on Chloe's loft bed!! Thank you grandma Sherry, she loves them!
Uno, Dos, Tres, Cuatro, CINCO DE MAYO!!

Perfect night celebrating Grandma's birthday!
You mean the world to us and we love you so much grandma!

Mother's Day weekend camping and 4-wheeling! #camping2k15

Video of Layla singing..."You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are GRAPE." Haha

Cheers to good times, good friends and kicking cancers butt!
 #GRAYInMay #donnaswalkingwarriors #wonderwoman #relayforlife2k15


Spring concert ready!

Another tooth bites the dust...#10 #toothfairyiscoming

Time to FLY!

We made it! Our first time flyer did so great! Here is 1st flight vs 2nd flight. She was excited all the way to Seattle and slept the entire 2nd flight to CA.

Minnie's autograph!
#happiestplaceintheworld #disneyland2k15 #minniemouse

Love from Disney!

Dumbo ride!


In love with their new American Dolls!

Swimming in California.

California Girls.

Look who I found in CA!! One of my very best friends since preschool!
We had so much fun visiting today!